Asphalt morning

Well sister, it’s been a long time.

Once we were close

but now I have forgotten

the light in your eyes.

oh I thought of you first

when I thought I was going to die

I asked for you to be protected

when I would not be there

to watch your back.

It seems I was the one

who needed watching.

who needed cowering

who needed covering, against

the rape and pillage

of the universe of stars who

owe me nothing in recompense

for their rapture at being good.

I know not where to be


when so many are in between

the days rhythm and tomorrow’s

advance. I help not, for many can

see that today is the mystery

surrounding the look of many

Like you do. It is over there

where the look of many

Is assured against the following

wind. I asphalt myself against it,

tarred and not feathered light,

to be here where so many ask

why is it so in the morning

and not here in the day?



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